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08/2014 No more Peaks
Once a month, people in the finance community are overly busy – executing postings, doing reviews, applying corrections: obviously it is time for period end activity, again. With all the investments in modern ERP systems, one would ask whether there is a way to avoid these peaks at period end. So, is there a way?
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06/2014 An Easy Way to Close Your Books Fast
  You have an ERP system in place and still see timing issues on the close? Read more about “Smart Transactions – an easy way to close the books fast”. This educational session was held at the SAP Insider conference at Nice/France on May 22nd, 2014.
TFC Smart Transactions - An Easy Way to Close Your Books Fast  
02/2014 Smart Transactions
TFC The Finance Coach GmbH will attend at the SAPInsider Conference for Financials2014 in Nice, France from May 21-23, 2014.

As an Exhibitor and during the Educational Session the "Smart Transactions - An easy way to close the books fast" we would be glad to discuss with you all your upcoming topics.

Looking forward seeing you.
SAPinsider "Smart Transactions"  
05/2013 A Surprise
You have implemented a new software package. Your suppliers are being paid, your production processes are up and running, your customers receive the goods. So everything seems to be in line – as your core business processes run. But is there really everything in line?
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04/2013 Are you still working on the Close?
Have you ever been in the situation that a financial close has not been available on time, that you needed added resources for the period end, or that information required for decision is available at certain points in time only?
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