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Who We Are

  The Finance Coach is a network of internationally experienced consultants, each of us with decades of knowledge in finance within international companies. We share four basic beliefs:

  1. Issues can and will only be fixed by the people who experience them, even if these people are not the ones causing them. As these issues will end up in finance, we need to address them from there. We are solution oriented.

  2. All finance transactions are representations of real live events. Any difficulties experienced with the records can only be alleviated by correcting the process in the real live environment. We are hands-on.

  3. Technology can make life easier and more economic if appropriately used. Therefore new technology needs to be evaluated in regard to its utility for the core business purposes. We are technology minded.

  4. Technology is for people. But in the same sense, people must learn to adapt their processes so that technology can do its magic. We are process driven.

Each of us has, during the corporate career, had to master exactly the same challenges you are probably facing now. We have come to understand that the accounting difficulties occurring after the introduction of ERP systems like SAP are a standard problem. Accordingly, we have developed standardized approaches to tackle this topic. This is the product we are offering now – the product of years of learning in the hard way, which have made us what we are:

The Finance Coach.