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What We Are

We are certainly business consultants. We have a practical Finance background, so we do not need to start our program with an extensive analytical phase. We can directly focus on those issues that invariably occur wherever an ERP system like SAP is being implemented.

SAP Consultants
We are SAP certified. But the topics we are dealing with are usually not software driven, which is why these are typically not addressed by other SAP consultants. We make the system deliver what it is supposed to deliver by helping your people to use it in the way it is supposed to be used.

Business Coaches
In an integrated environment, many of the known departmental responsibilities will need to change. We show you how to restructure your organization to empower people to make the best of your ERP.

Process Optimizers
We concentrate on the review of accurate representation of processes in your ERP system and focus on early identification of issues. This is an optimized process by itself which takes a predictable amount of time and investment.

Interim Managers
Our mission is to carry out defined transformation projects. At the end of our involvement we want to hand over operations to you – and say farewell. Of course we are available for support after the project as well.

Project Managers
Our particular brand of project management is that of specific one off projects that eliminate difficulties that occur during transition, whether this is to a new ERP system or into new organizational structures.   

Change Managers
Sooner or later, difficulties stemming from the implementation of an integrated ERP system show up in finance. This is why finance is our starting point, and why change needs to be driven from finance.