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You have implemented a new software package. Your suppliers are being paid, your production processes are up and running, your customers receive the goods. So everything seems to be in line – as your core business processes run. But is there really everything in line?

Weeks or months after the implementation, many enterprises see a bad surprise: The quality of their books and records is not what it is supposed to be. Worst case is if the auditor does not sign, and the correction requires significant internal and external effort.

Our support program helps you to avoid these risks. The program also includes immediate and hands on assistance in critical phases of a software implementation project.

It all ends up in Finance
Any integrated system environment – where the term of integration also applies to situations where different software packages are combined – results in a change of the classical way of financial processing. As a result of the integration, the transaction executed in the core business process will directly trigger a financial posting. The challenge for finance is being responsible for the completeness and correctness of the books and records, while for the majority of the underlying postings process partners outside the finance area are responsible.
Together with these partners, Finance therefore needs to develop an understanding for the integrated processes and how the transactions generated impact the books. As part of our Post Go Live Support, we train the process partners so that they understand such impacts. This knowledge enables issue resolution with full consideration of software integration.

The Close is an Indicator
What you do at period end is taking a snapshot on the information that you hold on your system. An integrated ERP environment supports this inventory taking process by ensuring that the information required for the period end is already fully available on the system, triggered by the underlying core business process. No rework should be required.
Issues with the closing process – whether of timing or of quality nature – are a clear indication that aspects of integration are missing in the design of processes and organization.
Here, our Post Go Live Support identifies these topics and provides tools fast and efficient resolution.

Early Identification is less costly than later Repair
Early identification and timely addressing reduces the volume of items that need to be corrected. This approach reduces the risk of running into the situation of having to manage a significant workload of corrections at a later point in time.
We provide monitoring which identifies potential issues as early as possible. And we show you systematic approaches for resolving the issues.

The Information Base
There is no need for further investments, the best monitoring tool is in your hands already – it is your ERP system. The combination of an integrated environment with transactional processing ensures that the results of your business processes are reflected in the records.
We show you which standard transactions will provide meaningful indicators, based on your financials. We also support you in identifying thresholds that trigger specific actions.

Systematic Issue Resolution and Coaching
Of course we also assist in the situation where you have a backlog of work to process. We put focus on systematic correction and processing, and specifically on removing the underlying obstacles.
The reason is: A “Quick Fix” very seldom works; definitely it does not provide a sustainable improvement. And our target is to enable you to continue along with the tools provided so that you are able to operate your system with the maximum benefit.

Contact: info@the-finance-coach.com

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