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Welcome to The Finance Coach!

  No ERP implementation has ever produced the desired results right from the start. This is the second most significant insight we have gained in the decades each of us has spent in Finance. But we know how to fix it…

This is due to the first most significant insight: All your numbers and spreadsheets are reflections of things that happen in real operations; figures are only triggered by something real going on out there. You detect errors in the accounts. But as the mistake is not generated by bookkeeping, you will have to address them where they actually occur.

  • There are common reasons behind these issues.
  • The problems end up in Finance.
  • There are also some common detours you may want to avoid.
  • We help you to solve these problems.

We are experts in analyzing processes and systems, so we know exactly what needs to be done. We are Finance people, not SAP consultants, so we have been where you are now. That is the base of our philosophy and knowledge.

  There are common reasons behind these issues.
You have invested in a complex SAP implementation. Suddenly you are facing problems you did not have before. Why? Because people tend to think that automation works automatically. It does not: Computers do not do the work, it is the people who do. But as computers do not operate like people, we have to adapt.

The problem ends up in Finance.
With your brand new ERP system, people keep on doing the same thing as before. Only instead of putting the paperwork in an envelope and send it to Finance for further transacting, they think the system will do that. But at that point in time the system will have the transaction generated already and any error will hit the accounts.

There are some common detours you may want to avoid.
Your first reaction might be to hire more staff. Forget it – this is only addressing the symptoms: The root cause is fixing an error takes more time than doing things right at first.
You may want to turn to your implementation partner. However, most probably your partner has done a good job and your system is up and running: The difficulties are not of technological nature.
And the classic consulting will do an analysis with no other outcome that people were making mistakes. Of course they do: They are not trained to enter paperwork into computers – they are trained to collect it in an envelope.
We help you to solve these problems.

An ERP system is not transferring workload to other departments so that no Finance people are needed anymore. Processing the information will always require trained, tried, and tested staff. The ERP system will not eliminate workload either. But it can accelerate the information flow significantly.
What needs to be done is to synchronize the process of creating the information with the transactions and events that are behind these numbers. In future, the accountant is not going to wait for the paperwork to arrive. He needs to be part of the process.